Nags Head 8837

Photography & Editing Lessons

Cyndi is available to help you learn to get more from your photography whether it is learning how to translate your vision into an appealing image or in processing your images to get the most optimal results. Cyndi is proficient in Adobe Lightroom and can help you get started with organizing and editing your photos. 

Artwork Packages for Home or Office

Looking for artwork to compliment your interior spaces in your home or office? Cyndi can work with you to come up with ideas for enhancing your decor with Outer Banks classics.  Images can be custom cropped and coordinated to suit your specific needs.  Cyndi is also available to shoot specific subjects or locations for use in your interiors. 

Dog Photography Sessions

Cyndi enjoys taking pictures of dogs on the beach. Cyndi does not, however,  do family portraits or wedding photography. She prefers to shoot subjects that can not talk back and who don't really care how they look in the pictures (much less editing required)! 

Please use the Contact page to send Cyndi an email for more information on pricing and availability.